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12 Creative Fashion Items Packaging Designs

Even though the goal of modern retail packaging is to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product, clever packages can also be a great source of inspiration. This post showcases innovative and creative packaging design ideas from all over the world.

Creative packaging design is an integral part of your business’s branding. When done correctly, great packaging can instantly make a customer feel confident with their purchase, even before they unwrapped what’s inside.

Air Jordan Triangle Aluminum Shoebox

Concept design by Tomislav Zvonaric

Tomislav Zvonaric designed this awesome new concept of triangular aluminum packaging for shoes and it can also stack up pretty neat.

Scappino Underwear Packaging System

Commercial work by Due Punti D-sign

For the new Scappino line of Men Underwear we came up with a simple but quite effective packaging system that shows right away what kind and color of underwear you’re looking for. A transparent window die-cut with the shape of each type of underwear will immediately tell color, texture, material and model of garment inside the box.

Watch Cuff links Wood Box

Commercial work by Francois Darrs

Confienze Bra

Student project by Pranjal Bag, Pratichee Acharya, Prishni Prasad

Packaging of a padded bra for ‘Confienze’ that can multiply as a storage option, increasing the shelf life of bras. In the conventional way of storing bras, molded cups are folded in half damaging the cups and subsequently reducing the shelf life of the bra. This packaging offers an ideal storage option, in which the cups are folded into one another. It also makes sure that the straps don’t get tangled and the hooks don’t damage the bra.

The Unique Points Of The Packaging: This packaging can be used as a storage by hanging one below the other in the wardrobe. It also provides an option to store bra accessories. Lid can be removed and put behind to secure various accessories.

Eat My Shorts

Commercial work by Tomas Salazar

The packaging was created to withstand high temperatures and did not alter the quality of the clothes.

T-Shirt Eco Packaging

Student project by Shao-Hua Hsu

T-shirt Eco-Packaging is a 100% bio and eco-friendly packaging made of palm leaves. During this 5 days project I had the opportunity to develop my packaging idea in collaboration with Berlin-based company Leef.

Stealth For Gentlemen

Student project by Sydney Noland

Stealth was a project that focused on the concept of package design, and learning how to make numerous support pieces work together as one. The company was designed to attract a male audience, selling high-end underwear, socks, and t-shirts through an online store. The support pieces created for this project included a business card, two different sized mailing boxes, a postcard, and a gift card.

At the Deli

Commercial work by ANTIOS

Εν Ντέλι!  (at the deli) is a T-shirt design inspired from delicatessen shops.

Tied Up Neck Ware

Student project by Zac Smith

When it comes to packaging, design offers a limitless opportunity for new or even the most classic of brand packaging to vault to a ‘disruptor’ status. Becoming disruptive means taking a step outside the norm, standing above the rest, and impacting how consumers view your entire product category. This project was given to us with these thoughts in mind. What I decided to repackage are neck ties because the standard right now is a boring clip hanger with no imagination.

Adidas Athletics

Commercial work by Colt

To announce the arrival of Adidas Athletics, Colt were briefed to create premium packaging solutions for one of the largest cross category activations the brand has ever seen.

Barking Dogs

Self promotion by Gwyn M. Lewis

Redtape Thaat

Student project by Riya Patil

Shape of the shoes tend to change there are no separate sections for each shoes due to which both the shoes tend to rub against each other, leading to a change in shape as well as degrading of the surface.

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  1. There are some really incredible and creative packaging examples here – I am IN LOVE with the Barking Dogs. Honestly, if I saw that in a store, it would instantly grab my attention.

  2. These are some really cool packaging ideas and also quite clever ones. I loved those socks packed like a doggy and even those underwears are pretty neatly packed.

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