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Students who wish to study at Polytechnic University of the Philippines may take the College Entrance Tests (PUPCET)


1. Rachel saved 100,000 pesos in a bank that has an interest rate of 5% per annum. Around how much money will she have in 5 years if the amount earned from the interest is deposited with the original amount?


2. Gabriel is 3 years younger than Frank at the moment. When their ages are doubled, Frank is 6 years older than Gabriel. Finally, the current total of their ages right now is 17. Which of the following could be Gabriel’s age right now?


3. A rocket travels at a speed of 3 miles per second. How far would it have traveled at constant speed if the rocket was traveling for 1 hour?


4. A basketball team is behind by 40 points at the start of the 4th quarter. If the opponent does not score at all in the fourth quarter, what is the average number of points the team needs to score per 30 seconds if the game should be tied by the 10th minute?


5. The Ateneo has 18,000 applicants every year. Only 25% of these applicants will be accepted into the college and only the top 10% of the accepted students can take honors courses in the School of Management. How many students can take honors courses in the School of Management?


6. You got an average score of 72 over 100 on three tests. If an average of 75 is passing and you only have one more test, what score must you get in that test to get a passing mark?


7. A pair of shoes cost 5,000 pesos. It was initially being sold at a 20% discount, but an additional 15% was decreased from the discounted price. What is the price of the pair of shoes?


8. A chemist wants to mix a 5% alcohol solution with a 10% alcohol solution to make an 8% solution If there are 3 liters of the 10% solution, around how many liters of the 5% solution does he need to get an 8% solution?


9. In a small village of 12,000 people, 20% of all residents have been vaccinated for the flu. If the village leader wants to increase this percentage to 40%, how many more people will need to be vaccinated?


10. City A is 10,000 miles away from City B. If a plane travels at an average speed of 200 miles per hour, how long will it take for it to travel from City A to City B?


11. In a factory, a worker needs to make a 10% solution of chlorine. If there are 15 liters of 20% chlorine solution and an endless supply of 5% chlorine solution, what is the minimum amount of 5% solution needed to make a 10% solution?


12. KC invested 20,000 pesos into a business that earns 5% every year. How much more money will she need to invest in a business that earns 10% per year if she wants to earn 5,000 pesos a year?


13. What is the probability of getting a sum of 12 after rolling a dice twice?


14. Chris can finish painting a wall in 6 hours. Gretchen can finish painting the same wall twice as fast as Chris does. How quickly can they finish painting the wall together?


15. What is the probability that 2 coins tossed at the same time will yield two tails?


16. Kim has 400 pesos worth of 20 peso and 50 peso bills. If two more than two times the amount of the 50 peso bills is equal to the amount of 20 peso bills, what is the value of the 50 peso bills she has?


17. In this set of numbers, what is the mode?
{0, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6}


18. Justin can finish cleaning the garage in 5 hours. Bella can finish cleaning the same garage in 10 hours. They worked together for two hours, then Bella left to do some errands, leaving Justin to finish the work. How long did it take in total to clean the garage?


19. What is the median of this set of numbers?
{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}


20. 10 students in section A play Ultimate while 14 play basketball. If 4 of the students who play Ultimate play basketball too, how many students play basketball only?


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